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Productive and full of great workers. Prep the veggies, cleaned lobby, cashier, shift leader, I've learned to be a leader and listen, learned how to cook, and learned how to be very patient. Good first job.

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The job starts out as a friendly place but gradually becomes a burden due to managements lack of responsibility and care for the employees. That's the best you'll get paid at any food business. Mostly, days were slow, so the work wasn't rigorous or demanding. I enjoyed meeting new people, making food, and having fun with my coworkers. Crew Night Leader. I was in charge of counting the register down making sandwiches baking bread baking cookies greeting customers taking phone orders from customers cleaning restaurant at nigjt.

Not bad. Good place for college students. They are very flexible with scheduling around class and any other events you have going on with your life.

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Laid back and you get free food. Good working environment.

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It's an awesome place to work at if you're ready to constantly be productive. Decent management, fast paced and friendly environment.

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Although there's always opportunity for advancement and pay is great, the one thing that's very upsetting is your tips can be tampered with by management. Also, if you aren't fast and good with handling pressure during a REALLY busy lunch rush, I'd recommend not applying for morning shifts.

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Decent for young, no kids, part-time. The company is fair to work for. It's fine for young people looking to get restaurant experience.

It's great because you get tips on top of your hourly. There's huge potential for the company.

Their commercials are popping up here as of late. Their sandwiches are way better than Subway's. The company is still new to this area, so pay is not as competitive as it could be. This job is second on my list of best jobs I've ever had.

Their was so much room for advancement. By me being from California and working in food all my life, my personality plus product knowledge showed that I truly enjoyed what I was doing. The reason for me leaving was due to Hurricane Rita.

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If it wasn't for that I would be running 1 of the locations. I had the chance to travel to Point Pleasant, New Jersey to train with other franchise owners on how to open, operate and run a Jersey Mikes.

On my notice of departure the owner which was a IT Tech and anther business owner whom ran a profitable online business offer me a raise, a house wanted me to set up a virtual menu where my face and voice would take orders from companies and customers who would call in. I had to keep my family safe from harms way so we moved back to California. Mike said the last big storm, they were able to freight truck loads of items over to the Bahamas and that they are planning to do the same.

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Anything you can donate will help out this family. If you would rather donate non-perishables or other items that are needed such as clothing, shoes, water, etc, we can get you in contact with Mike and his family for a location to bring items. He will be either at Boca Hospital or JFK this week and next and you could bring it to him there as well.

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